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Accepting guest posts

I’ve been lax about posting recently even though there is plenty to post about.

To liven things up a little bit, I’ve decided to start accepting guest posts.

If you have something about election reform that you would like to see posted here please send me an email with your post.  My email address is: AllAboutVoting AT gmail DOT com


listed as a top election technology blog

This morning I noticed Election Technology’s list of top election technology blogs.

I’m surprised and flattered to see that I snuck into the list as #10:

All About Voting: Rounding out the list is blog by Sacramento software developer Greg Wolfe. Largely his personal commentary about voting issues, it’s interesting to get an additional perspective on issues and we’d like to see this blog continue and grow.

I’ve been following about half of the blogs mentioned in that post; I’ll be sure to check out some of the other ones. I’m surprised that I made the list at all given that I’m not primarily focused on election technology and that I am not directly involved in election administration or in the development of election systems.

I am back

Yes, it has been nearly three weeks since I last posted but I am back.

Half of my posting vacation was due to being busy with other activities and half was due to me being out of town for real-life vacation.

There are lots of interesting things to write about so expect a flurry of posts soon.

subscribe to All About Voting via email

You can now Subscribe to All About Voting via email!

Not everyone is comfortable using the web interface or using RSS so this gives people another option for following my rantings this blog.

I also surface subscription options up in the side bar.