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Did Sequoia intentionally sabotage the 2000 elections?

Burried in my summary of the broadcast of Dan Rather presents “The Trouble with Touch Screens” is a description of allegations of incompetence and/or fraud by Sequoia voting systems in their production of punchcard ballots for the 2000 election.

These are the punchcards that were used in Florida and taught Americans terms like hanging chad.

There are serious allegations. It is important that these allegations are investigated:

  • Did Sequoia voting systems knowingly produce defective ballots?
  • Did Sequoia voting systems intentionally produce defective ballots?
  • Did Sequoia voting systems intentionally produce especially defective ballots for Palm Beach county?
  • Did Sequoia voting systems attempt to cover-up the evidence of these problems?

Tell congress to investigate!

Here is a summary of what was revealed in Dan’s report:
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Tell congress to investigate ES&S and Sequoia

Are you unhappy with the incompetence, poor quality, and allegations of fraud that are revealed in Dan Rather’s “The Trouble with Touch Screens”?

Then do something about it!

Go sign the petition demanding that Congress investigate the allegations made in the report.

More Dan Rather on voting machines

The trouble with tribbles touchscreens

The full hour of the Dan Rather presents “The Trouble with Touch Screens” is now available online. It is a very interesting show to watch! The name of the show is actually misleading as the show covers three major topics:

  • ES&S iVotronic voting machines issues in the 2000 election (focused on Florida: Sarasota and Lee counties)
  • An interesting interview with Michael Shamos, a Carnegie Mellon University computer science professor who is supportive of voting machines in theory but critical of their use within the US
  • evidence of incompetence or fraud by Sequoia voting systems in the 2000 election paper ballots. In particular accusations and evidence of special changes for Palm Beach Florida where many paper ballot flaws occurred

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Dan Rather on Touch Screen voting

From the Brad Blog comes this news that Dan Rather reports presents conclusive evidence of touch screen voting machine failures. To air Tuesday, August 14 at 8:00 p.m. ET and 11:00 p. m. ET.

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