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More thoughts on Rasing the E2E Profile in the Public Eye

A bit more brainstorming about ways to aid the end-to-end verifiability meme. Other suggestions are welcome.

  • Have a forum for discussing E2E verifiable systems. For example a yahoo group or a google group. Initially I would suggest an open all-purpose forum covering both technical discussion and general advocacy and discussion.
  • Have a website promoting the general idea of E2E verifiable systems – not just specific systems
  • Each E2E project should have a website dedicated to it with clear descriptions of how it works intended for non-academic readers. (It should of course also include sections targeting academic readers) The Punchscan web site does very well here. But many others do not – even projects involving the same people.
    Some examples:


ITIF’s eVoting report: point-by-point

Here is my point-by-point review of Daniel Castro’s ITIF eVoting report.

This is a long post. I recommend that you first read a summary of my views.

I am basic agreement with the thesis of the report which is that the debate about eVoting should move beyond voter-verified paper audit trails to include systems that can prove to a voter that their vote was counted as cast. However, I found the tone and focus of the report disagreeable and I disagreed with much of the material in the report advocating for eVoting and against voter-verified paper audit trails.

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Launching All About Voting

Welcome to All About Voting!

I am launching this blog as a place where I can post musings on voting systems and social choice. In this blog I will describe some problems with our current system and discuss reforms to address them. I plan to discuss both the reforms that I favor and some reforms that I disparage.

What do I hope to achieve? At this point my main goals are:

  • to stay interested and engaged in the topic voting systems and reforms
  • to step up my interest into activism.

About me: I am a software developer who lives in Sacramento. See more about me on the ‘About’ page.

don’t know what a blog is?

I’ve discovered that not all of my readers are familiar with blogs. I’ve written a helpful little page to direct these folks to.

The rss syndication feed url for my bog is: