9th Circuit Says California Can’t Prohibit “VoteSwap” Web Pages

From the Ballot Access News:

On August 6, the 9th circuit ruled in favor of http://www.voteswap2000.com and against the state of California.

In 2000, http://www.voteswap2000.com had been created to let pro-Gore and pro-Nader voters help each other. It was widely known that the 2000 election would be very close, and yet most states were secure for Bush or for Gore. The purpose of the website was to let Nader voters in close states find Gore voters in states that were not close. The webpage helped such individuals find each other. Then, assuming the pair decided that his or her “partner” could be trusted, the Gore voter in the non-close state would promise to vote for Nader, and the Nader voter in the close state would promise to vote for Gore.


3 responses to “9th Circuit Says California Can’t Prohibit “VoteSwap” Web Pages

  1. BallotAccessNews is a great site. I just got a phone call from Richard Winger, who operates it. We’re going to meet up for coffee in San Francisco sometime soon. The guy is like a walking talking political encyclopedia. :)

  2. Clay, you could invite the owner of this blog. He might be able to contribute to future meetings.

  3. Some discussion of this on the ‘election methods’ list (may require you to log in):


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