Your friendly guide to stealing an election

‘Foreign Policy’ has an interesting article on how to steal an election. It’s focused on third world autocratic regimes.

Their list of techniques is:

  • Control the process
  • Manipulate the media
  • Keep out the observers
  • Misreport results
  • Foster incompetence and chaos
  • Resort to the crude stuff

In my perception some of this applies to the US. As an example, the US media is typically very shallow in it’s investigation or coverage of election irregularities. I don’t think that the US media is controlled by those in current political power but is driven by the rules of access, expediency, and a frame of reference that assumes a two party system without any critical thought of why such a system is so persistent.

Please share your thoughts on whether any of these techniques apply in any degree to the US.


4 responses to “Your friendly guide to stealing an election

  1. I’m not sure my comments are valid as I don’t have a website to give you. I’m just a person who’s interested in politics and it’s process.

    I do think the process is controlled by those who promote the use of electronic voting macchines without the benefit of a paper trail.

    For the last 7 years, the media has been manipulated by big corporate interests over that which would benefit Middle America.

    I don’t know about “keeping out observers” or what that means, exactly, but I know there’s too much secrecy in our country, especially with things we need to know about.

    The results of elections have already been misreported in one or more of our national elections, and the results were different from what was predicted. Thanks to Diebald and no paper trail.

    Fostering incompetince and chaos has been taken to a new level….. an art form, actually… by the current administration, setting precedents for administrations to come. Things of this nature are not likely to improve over time.

    This crude stuff, which I assume, means things like telling people to go to the wrong location to vote, or to make waiting hours in inclimate weather the norm, is happening with alarming regularity in too many places HERE in this nation! I’m an old woman now, and I can remember feeling very confident in the honesty and integrity of those in charge of counting votes. My mother was one of the ones who did that counting in Lea County, New Mexico, and I grew up hearing about duty and honor, commitment and service to country. I don’t feel any of this anymore.

  2. Thanks to everyone who flipped out over the chads for no paper trail.

    I suspect far more elections are stolen in court.

  3. I suggest the book “Stealing Democracy: The New Politics of Voter Suppression” by Spencer Overton, where vote stealing practices in the US are mentioned

  4. Thanks for the book suggestion; I own the book but have not gotten to read it yet.

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