More thoughts on Rasing the E2E Profile in the Public Eye

A bit more brainstorming about ways to aid the end-to-end verifiability meme. Other suggestions are welcome.

  • Have a forum for discussing E2E verifiable systems. For example a yahoo group or a google group. Initially I would suggest an open all-purpose forum covering both technical discussion and general advocacy and discussion.
  • Have a website promoting the general idea of E2E verifiable systems – not just specific systems
  • Each E2E project should have a website dedicated to it with clear descriptions of how it works intended for non-academic readers. (It should of course also include sections targeting academic readers) The Punchscan web site does very well here. But many others do not – even projects involving the same people.
    Some examples:


One response to “More thoughts on Rasing the E2E Profile in the Public Eye

  1. Yes, the Scantegrity website is sparse. It’s also still pretty new–WOTE07 in June was our first public mention of it. We’re working on some publications, and some other stuff but they’ll take some time.

    I’m confident that when we’re done we’ll have something that’s way easier to understand than what’s on the Punchscan website.

    As far as E2E conferences, the closest thing to it will be a VVSG workshop coming up next month. I’ll have to wait for more details.

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